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The Tax Shack Guarantee:

  We guarantee that we will look hard for every deduction and you will get the maximum deduction allowable to you based on the information you provide to us.


Error/Audit Guarantee: We guarantee that if we make an error on your return, we will pay any resulting penalties and interest related to the error that have been charged to you up to the date that the error was found and/or resolved by our staff.

If you are audited, we will explain your IRS tax audit notice to you and how to prepare your documentation for the auditor. If you are audited due to an error we make, we are happy to accompany you on the audit (with written authorization) free of charge.

IRS/Audit Support:  If you have received an IRS notice and need assistance or if you need assistance with an IRS audit, we are happy to contact the IRS on your behalf or assist you with your audit for $75 per hour ($150 minimum) so that you can rest easy knowing you have a professional on your side. (This service is free of charge if the IRS notice is due to our error.)  We will be happy to obtain written authorization from you to contact the IRS on your behalf and help resolve your issues!


Past Return Review: We are happy to look at your prior year tax returns free of charge to see if any mistakes have been made by your past preparers.  4 out of 5 times we are able to amend a prior year tax return to correct mistakes and get you back more money. You only pay for the cost of preparing the amended return.

Dependable Support When You Need It

Facing an audit can be stressful.  Ease that worry and stress by contacting the professionals at The Tax Shack Inc.  Our experienced staff will be here to answer any of your questions and help you reach a resolution quickly.

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