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My business is growing and I need help with bookkeeping and/or payroll.

Starts at $400/mo
12 month commitment

Price will vary based upon complexity and scope of work.


  • Personal and Business Tax Preparation - Federal and State - with One-on-One Review Session

  • Prior Year and Next Year Comparison Summary Reports to See Differences

  • State Sales and Excise Tax Returns

  • Pre-Season Newsletter to Inform You of Important Annual Changes

  • Deadline Reminders and Special Alerts

  • Client Resource Vault

  • 24/7 Access to a Secure Portal

  • Onboarding Session

  • Quarterly Check-Up and Strategy Sessions

  • 3 Email Consultations for Tax Questions

  • Registered Agent/Business Licensing Services

  • Basic Returns for All Dependents

  • One Amendment Included During Calendar Year

  • Will Review and Respond to First IRS Notices Received

  • Standard Work Guarantee

Your package will be customized for your needs with these options:

  • Quarterly Review of your bookkeeping to make adjustments as needed

  • Monthly Bookkeeping Services

  • Payroll & 1099 Services

  • Annual Salary Study for corporate shareholders


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Tax Preparation

Your tax returns will be prepared accurately and we review them with you to answer any questions you have.  We want you to understand what you are signing.

Prior Year & Next Year Comparison Summaries

We think the best way to understand changes to your taxes is to compare them to the prior year and to see what's coming next year under the laws as we know them. (excludes nonprofit filers)

State Sales and Excise Returns

In most states, businesses pay excise or sales taxes either Annually, Quarterly, or Monthly depending on industry and income.  We will prepare the returns for your business.

Pre-Season Newsletter

Every year just before the start of tax season, we keep you informed by sending you our annual newsletter highlighting the major changes we feel affect our clients most.

Deadline Reminders & Special Alerts

You will get automatic reminders from us for important tax due dates and estimated payment deadlines.  You'll also be alerted to income tax, payroll tax, and sales tax changes.

Client Resource Vault

You will get access to our Client Resource Vault that contains deduction checklists, useful web links, and how-to-videos for things like making IRS payments.

Secure Online Portal

With the portal you can send/receive documents securely, store tax years, and e-sign tax forms.  You can download the app to scan documents to pdf or message with us all on your phone!

Onboarding Session

During this session, we will learn all about you and your business.  We'll collect information needed to set up your account and we'll have you sign tax agency authorizations.

Quarterly Check-Up and Strategy Sessions

You can schedule a session to meet in June, September, and December to discuss any changes in your tax situation and look at basic tax strategies that may help you.

Three Email Consultations Included

Use your email consultations for pressing tax questions such as "Is X taxable?", "Do I qualify for X deduction?", "Should I pay off X?", "Should I buy X?", "Should I take a distribution of X?", etc. 

Registered Agent/Licensing Services

We can monitor and renew your state business license and your Annual Report (LLC's and Corporations) so you don't have to worry about it.

Basic Returns Filed for All Dependents

We'll file basic returns for all of your dependents.  Our basic dependent returns are for W-2 wages, interest income, social security income, and pension income only.

One Amendment Included

If you make a mistake or receive a document after you've filed, you won't have to worry.  This package includes one amendment on a current or prior year return up until December 31st.

Response to One IRS Notices

The IRS sends out millions of notices each year.  If you receive one, don't worry.  We will read and craft a written response to the first notice you receive during the calendar year.

Standard Work Guarantee

If we make an error on your return, we will take corrective action free of charge and will pay any related interest and penalties up to the point of discovery and correction.

Option: Quarterly Bookkeeping Review

If you do your own bookkeeping, you can have us review your books quarterly, give you tips, and make adjustments as needed.

Option: Monthly Bookkeeping

We can do your bookkeeping for you, reconciling your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and loans every month.  We'll provide you with Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports every month.

Option: Payroll Services

We will help you develop payroll policies.  We'll process payroll for you and your employees.  We will also prepare quarterly payroll tax reports and annual W-2's and 1099's.

Option: Annual Reasonable Compensation Study

Corporate Shareholders performing services for their company must pay themselves a salary.  Audit-proof your taxes and payroll by making sure you are not paying too much or too little.

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