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The Tax Shack Inc helps taxpayers get as much refund back as they qualify for by looking for every tax deduction and tax credit available.

Welcome to Tax Season 2021!

The IRS is estimated to begin accepting returns for processing on January 25th.  The official date has not yet been announced.

We can prepare your tax returns during January, but we will not be able to electronically file them until the IRS is ready to accept them.

Important Dates in 2020


January 15th - Quarter 4, 2020 Estimated Tax Payments are Due.

January 25th - Tax Season/E-filing is estimated to start.

February 1st - W-2's and 1099's MUST be completed and sent off.


February 15th - The IRS begins accepting tax returns with REFUNDABLE credits (Earned Income Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, and the American Opportunity Credit).


February 15th - Financial Institutions must complete and send off 1099's for investment income.

February 28th - Last day to bring us Partnerships/Corporations to avoid extension.

March 15th - Partnership and S-Corporation tax returns are Due or must be Extended.

March 31st - Last day to bring us Individuals/Sole Proprietorships to avoid extension.

April 15th - Personal and C-Corporation tax returns are Due or must be Extended.


April 15th - Quarter 1, 2021 Estimated Tax Payments are Due.

April 15th - Deadline to make prior year contributions to HSA's and IRA's.

June 15th - Quarter 2, 2021 Estimated Tax Payments are Due

September 15th - Partnership and Corporation Extended Returns are Due


September 15th - Quarter 3, 2021 Estimated Tax Payments are Due

October 15th - Personal Extended Returns are Due

October 15th - Deadline to remove prior year excess contributions from IRA's to avoid penalties.

December/January - We will be mailing out our annual newsletter!

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